Friday, July 8, 2011

The Random Notes I Took While on and Right After the Plane

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I am currently taking a flight in British Airways from Tampa to London. Having mostly just killed time in the terminal by reading 'The Hunger Games' I am finding that only an hour has passed since take off, which is a bit of a drag. I am tired but not sleepy, and I am wondering how much real time I will have tomorrow that I won't be suffering from exhaustion.

When I do finally get off then plane I will be heading to the nearby National Train station to take an hour long ride into the city proper ending at the park near my hotel. I will try to catch a nap before heading out on the town to see the Tower of London which is pretty much my priority destination. Monday morning will be difficult as I will have to be up early to get to Heatherow airport and I haven't been able to confim the means of shuttle from my hotel which is a sort of bus; the reason I could not confirm is that international phone calls are shit.

I am wondering why there is so much tolerance for a crying child. If I had whined his much on a trip I would have gotten slapped. Overall the flight is rather dull, my view is mostly of wing and the only other person in my set of three seats is a vastly older gentleman who has no trouble falling asleep.

A random blonde woman named Barbie just introduced herself to me wondering if I was someone she had met at a previous instance. I can never tell if this is legitimate or if this is a very subtle way of hitting on someone. Either way, I don't see where she goes on the plane and don't think I'll end up seeing her again.

I do not realize how much time I spend on or how much love I have for the internet until I am on this island of metal in the sky far from my usual means of surfing and networking. There is a limit to reading, though I believe my typing on this touch screen is almost as fast as it is on a keyboard; the only real downsides being the lack of arrow keys, and the need to switch the entire keyboard over to symbols in order to use a semi-colon or hyphen which slows things greatly. They are now serving drinks which is good, but I rather feel the need to go to the restroom, so fuel for the fire, and rain for the flood.

I can say with total honesty that was the best meal I have had on an aircraft in my life. They had a chicken and rice microwave thing, but they also had a roll some very well seasoned corn salad, a personalized bottle of white wine, some water of course, but then there was a great bit of cheese cake and a cup of very hot coffee.

I watched the movie 'The King's Speach' which was pretty boring, really whenever Georfry Rush isn't on screen the thing drops a whole star. I know it is difficult to act a stammer, but regardless of how well acted the movie was by everyone involved it was still boring. It was like watching traditional Shakespeare (especially when you consider how many allusions to the bard there were in the movie) yes it is good in its own way, but I don't care to watch it. Sadly the movie selection kicked off before I could watch another movie, though I did get in some 'Big Bang Theory and 'How I Met Your Mother' while eating. Overall I am very pleased with the entertainment on this flight, so much so that I am doubly disappointed that it has now crapped out with another three hours to go.

That damn child cried for another 10 minutes at 4:30am in London, 11:30pm Eastern time, so a win in neither time zone. Sad part being the kid is too old to be crying like that, he seems very spoiled, I can understand a baby getting upset for no reason, but it is night time, the kid should be napping having finished watching one of a dozen movies on the entertainment thing.

Some fun facts about where I am now, after taking a bumpy course up the coast of the US for numerous hours we are now over the night covered Atlantic, we are about even with English latitude and it it negative 58° farenheit outside, we are traveling about 40,000ft up, at about 580mph. Strange detail, the plane's reader has Tampa as the destination, so it is telling us we are getting further away from where we are headed but the destination clock is set to London, so it is counting down with what I imagine to be an accurate projection of our landing time.

I cannot seem to take a picture of the night sky or glowing horizon through the window, so... you'll have to take my word for it, that though my view is very much obscured by a gigantic wing (isn't that always the way), the sky is in fact rather nice to look at at this height and speed. Kind of looks like the horizon is on fire and the flames are lighting the sky above it.

Another small hicup I ran across. Turns out that the e-book I bought for the trip was not completely downloaded, nor was the sample book I grabbed. So, while I have enjoyed about a fifth or sixth of 'The Hunger Games', I lack so variety to my literature intake.

Crying again now it is 13:37am for the Eastern seaboard and 5:37am where I'm headed. And the brat just keeps getting louder.

I arrived on time to Gatwick airport and immediately got to a rail to take me to my hotel area, though street signs are hard to find so I got pretty lost for about a half hour before getting pushed in the right direction. If there is any advice I can give to people traveling it is this, 'do not be afraid to ask directions.'

I will continue to talk about my time in London at a later time, and maybe get some of my pictures up though that might end up being all at the end of the trip as a big recap series of the whole trip as the steps to put the pics on my tablet, then to put them on the website is a little time consuming. Right now I am about to go to brunch in a small area near Koc University with the rest of the students

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