Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Goodbye Harold Ramis

            I like movies, but there is a particular movie that I have seen probably in the triple digits, and that is "Ghostbusters".  One of its stars, Harold Ramis, died in the immediate past.  And I feel bad.  I still consider him to be one of my influences of saying something that spells doom or plight with a dry delivery and a smirk.  He was (and his stuff still is) funny.

            Here is the thing, he lived a full life, filled with interesting people.  Ramis was able to express himself creatively far more than most people ever will be able to.  He was wealthy, happy, and made others happy.  We can talk about it being too soon, but it was a life well lived and he was old.  He lived a lot more than most people could ever hope to.  I admire his creativity a great deal, and am glad he lived.

He did other stuff aside from "Ghostbusters", and it is also good.
            Aside from his family who feels the loss of his life personally and is in need of sympathy, people who like comedy in general should feel glad that he lived, and thankful, and that should be the end of it.  His work will not disappear, his place in my childhood will not scab over.

            This is actually one of many celebrity deaths that have happened in my life, and the last one I really remember was Paul Walker, whose creative work was abysmal and should not be what he is remembered for, instead his charitable work is a much greater contribution to society and what should be lauded.

            This stuff happens.  Sooner or later Samuel L Jackson is going to "Mother" his last "Fucker", and Patrick Stewart is not going to be able to quote Macbeth while wearing an X-Men costume.  People die, but their contributions can and will be respectfully remembered just like every person's should be... and the shit stuff they do should be remembered too.

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