Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let's make some Justice Leagues, part 1

            Currently DC comics (which I remind you, the 'C' in DC stands for 'Comics') is in a bit of twist.  about 3 years ago they decided to do a bold reinvention of their old line of comics to bring them into the modern era, called "The New 52" drawing its name from my favorite comic series of all time "52", and is totally unrelated to that piece of art.
            In my opinion the New 52 was a terrible move.  It has done nothing to make DC more accessible.  It is a darker, edgier, more boring iteration of what had already been done.  With the exception of Batman and Green Lantern pretty much everyone was rest to their 60's self and vast amounts of history was confusingly rewritten.
            Many characters I liked, Power Girl, Wally West, and the Justice Society were pushed out, and while there were some new takes on old idea "Demon Knights", "Dial H for Hero", and "Animal Man" all being good examples... I cannot emphasize enough how all of their stories could have been told without the New 52 rewrite of DC.  I dislike a lot of the costumes too.

I especially hate this idiot's mask and the fact that he carries around a gun.  He has a Green Lantern ring... and carries a gun.
            DC in many ways invented the classic and modern idea of a Superhero Team idea with the All Star Squadron/Justice Society in the 40's and Justice League in the 50's/60's.  The success of the later book spurred the editorial decision to create the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers over at Marvel's house of ideas.
            Currently in the New 52 universe there are 3 Justice Leagues, the classic which is made up of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and... Cyborg (because, and I am certain of this, they wanted a black character and due to the success of the Teen Titans cartoon he was the most known).
            The other two teams are Justice League Canada, a publicity stunt by a secret organization so they could fight the main League should it ever come to it, and Justice League Dark, which as a lot of magical heroes and they fight magic things.  There was a 4th, Justice League International, but since it was about lesser known heroes, wasn't written by Geoff Johns (love him, really, but might be getting a bit too much of him), and JLI a lighter tone, so it got the ax after desperately trying to get attention by killing characters out of nowhere and failing to attain profundity for the cynical effort.

Also, for some stupid reason they spend agonizing amounts of time fighting each other rather than bad guys.
Cause... I don't know.
            I find this to be a strange mismanagement of the property, if you want multiple Leagues to serve as major titles for your books why not make them more deliberately and with less cynicism.  How would you do this?  I will show you.
            The basic group should have 7 core members, any larger and characters will not have enough panels to tell their stories, or it becomes more of a FEATURING title which has a guest star show up each issue for an adventure (that title also already exists, it is called "The Brave and the Bold", and is now defunct for some reason).  The 7 members should try to capture a broad collection of skills, powers, and personalities.... What I am saying is, you need a Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman on each team, plus four others to round things out.

Truth, Liberty, and Justice.  They are the iconic characters of the universe, so we use them as such.

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