Friday, August 28, 2015

LootCrate "Villains 2"

            I have been getting LootCrate for 4 months now and this is the first time I had the bright idea to just post pictures of the stuff on this blog, I have no idea why as it is accessible content that appears regularly and my initial experience in getting the stuff was as a birthday present from my roommate so it makes for a good story about friendship… I guess I just blanked on it.  Regardless of past months, let’s look at the items this month.

            First up is a Los Pollo Hermanos kitchen apron from one of the best TV shows ever, “Breaking Bad”.  Since I do not cook this is one of those fun but impractical (for me) entries in the crate.  Most likely the use I will find for it is as a display medium for the numerous pins and buttons that come in a typical crate.

"Breaking Bad"
             These are this month’s button and pin.  It is standard for each loot crate to come with a themed pin (and often they come with pins from other franchises related to the theme).  This one is a villainous monster mouth.  The pin is a highlight of the box, a prop replica of those used in the movies.  While it does seem odd to wear the C’Thulhu esc emblem of a Nazi super-science cabal, it is still cool in spite of the Nazi connection.  Fun aside, the reason there were almost no “real Nazis” in the Captain America movies has to do with toy sales, it is really hard to sell toys that have swastikas on them.
            Next we have a wooden Joker Toy with a switchable face.  The arms, hands, and to a lesser extent the legs have movement and can be posed.  It is a quirky display item and I like it except for one issue: what do I do with the second face?  There is no storage slot or place to put the extra piece, so it is destined to get lost.  I still like it, stylized representations of characters are always cool.
            This is the highlight of the box, one of a pair of mugs, I of course got the Carnage mug.  Carnage being a popular villain character of the 90’s Dark Age of comics.  He is a symbiotic alien monster like Venom, but instead of being attached to a jock loser like Eddie Brock, Carnage instead attaches to a serial killer.  The murderer’s mania allows him to bond more perfectly with the alien and they go on several thrill killing adventures in the Marvel universe.  I don’t really like Carnage as a character, but the mug looks awesome.

"A gun that shoots good feelings"

            Lastly we have the LootCrate magazine and the box itself which depicts a Joker hideout where he is building a giant attack size version of the wooden toy.  The magazine is a little thin, it talks about each item and has an article about people in your own life whose toxic personalities might mimic those of Batman’s list of foes, kind of a heady article with a strange framing device.  The magazine’s real drawback is the use of dark red font on black backgrounds which makes some words hard to notice or read.
            The Box is actually badly designed.  There seems to be no logical way to fold it to show all the art it offers.  There are 6 surfaces with art, one is on the bottom of the box, and another is covered when it is folded into a box with the art facing out.  It almost works, but falls short.

            Overall I think the mug makes up for a lack of a t-shirt (I usually find the shirts to be the highlight of any crate) and the other stuff is of high quality and cleanly on theme.  Not a lot of clutter or fat to be cut.


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