Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump is the Pilot, I Guess Jesus would be the Copilot?

            I keep hearing/reading a certain analogy in regards to President Trump.  And in a way I see the appeal of the analogy.  It goes something like this.
            “The President is sort of like the pilot of the great big plane we are all flying in.  Much like you wouldn’t like the idea of a pilot failing (even if you do not like them as a person) you should not want President Trump to fail, or hope for that to happen.”
            And to a degree I agree.  BUT, this analogy is imperfect and works under certain assumptions.

1)     The flight in question is not a voluntary experience for most of the people on this plane.  The only way off the flight is to “jump off” which would probably analogize to your death.
2)     I and many others did not want him to be the pilot, so I am going to complain about it at least as much as the guy who got the wrong in flight meal would complain.  I think that is fair.
3)     Hoping for President Trump’s success also assumes a few things like that he is a pilot, who knows how to fly the plane, knows where he is flying it to, and will know how to land it when he gets there.  I am not sure that he knows these things.
4)     This also assumes Trump is not going to just fly the plane up to a cruising altitude, sabotage the thing, and then parachute out so as to collect on some insurance scam.  Which sounds plausible.
5)     Lastly, this also assumes President Trump is not some agent of a foreign power who is going to fly the plane to the middle of nowhere so everyone on board can be taken as political prisoners.  And that place rhymes with Prussia.

            Hoping for someone to succeed is generally a good thing, but only when they
are aiming to do something kind to the rest of us.  And beyond that they have to be able to demonstrate both the mental faculties to accomplish that thing, and you have to trust what they are saying by looking at their past actions and words.

            When President Obama took office various flavors of deplorable people said he was going to take away everyone’s guns, declare Sharia Law, institute death panels that would process the old and sick into early graves, and/or be a dick to people.  None of that came true, but it is important to note that President Obama never said that he would do those things.

           President Obama was accused of wanting to do those things by people who are racist.  His name is Obama, so of course he is out to destroy America.  I never saw any reasoning or proofs that went beyond that, and I still do not see any evidence that would make people think it was true.  We have video of people saying he is a Muslim tyrant out to destroy America, and no evidence for why these people think the way they do.

            Let me contrast this behavior.

            When I speak out against President Trump, I am quoting his own words.  In context.  I am pointing to things he did or did not do.  I am looking at evidence, some of it too sketchy to base a solid opinion off of, but I am looking for and at EVIDENCE.  I disagree with and am judging President Trump by HIS WORDS AND DEEDS.
            I am not making up wild conspiracies. I am not protesting an empty chair.  I look at a person who has been a public figure for 40+ years who has stated goals that I disagree with and have EVIDENCE to back up why I feel the way I feel and think the way I think.
            If you want to cheer for President Trump because his success is “our” success that is your business.  But if you expect me to cheer with you, to “give him a chance”, or even to just stop speaking against him.  YOU NEED TO GIVE ME EVIDENCE AS TO WHY I SHOULD DISCARD ALL THE HORRIBLE THINGS HE HAS SAID AND DONE.

            Right now, there are people calling for the barring of refugees from our country because they share the faith of some terrorists.  These human beings are children who have watched their world burn, women who have seen their families die, men who do not want to be drafted into an army that will kill innocent people, and some of them are probably rotten assholes because there is never a short supply of those.  But right now people are calling for homeless and stateless refugees not to come to the US because they look like someone we dislike.

            I am speaking against a man who has shown himself to be rotten.  I do not want him to succeed because his duplicitous behavior has shown him to be untrustworthy. I feel his success is our plight.  And I am basing this not off racism, not off fear of a religious group, not off of jingoism, I am basing my opinion off of what I know about him.

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