Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Horror Theme Park Dream

            Exceptionally fun vivid nightmare/dream last night.  I seemed to be in some kind of simulation or theme park that was horror themed and all over this park there were numerous scenarios that could play out so that I could live a scary movie.

No, not like that.
But I would like to say this is one of the better Goosebumps books.

            There was an area was a valley in which there is a crashed or landed UFO.  Dependent on where I was approaching it from a different threat would appear, I got cyborgs akin to the Necron or Borg coming into the valley.  I am sure a different angle would have resulted in little grey men or Lovecraft’s Mi-go.
            Another section was a dark neighborhood that I could hear screams coming from one house, shadows moving across the windows in another, an open garage with no light but the sound of power tools revving up, and another with an argument between two people turning violent.  This is one area in which the horror felt a little too human and identifiable, ghosts are fun, spousal abuse is not.
            There were some distant things I didn’t visit.  A spooky castle, a haunted forest, and a more traditional looking amusement park area that I am guessing was patrolled by some kind of actual monster… or more than likely clowns.
            The last thing I visited was the one that was the most subtle and strange.  I was in what looked to be a regular hotel bar.  It was somewhat swankier than typical, as everyone was dressed nicely, but as I moved thru it you could see the horror elements, someone selling mysterious drugs, someone following you for unknown reasons, and two identical women in red dresses that I am guessing one is supposed to be the “evil” twin.

            I guess I should watch more mediocre horror films before bed from now on, I get to wander around a “West World” or “The Game” type dreamscapes.  I woke up with a sort of emotional high from the tension, “threat”, and myriad of possibilities.  As for the movie, I watched to potentially induce this experience it was “Demonic (2015)” on Netflix.  It had several jump scares, which I disliked, and two good actors that were slumming it and given nothing to work with.

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