Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Recent Dreams

You know, I think I have found the 5th most common theme for when I have dreams, and that is the tried and true plot of being late.

Last night I had a dream in which I woke up Monday, August 29th, the first day of classes, at 11am... at my parent's house... 6 hours drive from campus. I didn't remember driving there, and in my panic of talking to my mom in the dream I literally said, "What did I sleep drive, when did I get here?" Her replying, "I don't know." And the ultimate bit of crazy, "Maybe I am just dreaming this." And my mother gasping in response.

I bit my thumb to check if I was asleep and not only felt pain, but I felt my saliva, I was there for all intents and purposes saying to myself, "Since I missed the first day of classes, that means I will be dropped from all of them. I'm screwed." With my father replying, "Oh, well. Maybe you should have thought of that before."

Before what? Don't know. But I do remember telling myself that what was happening is so unlike me, and so obviously stressful that it had to be a dream, and I willed myself awake at 8am.

Satisfied that I was safely a day early and only 2 miles from class, I did the logical thing and knocked back out till about 10:45. It was a stressful dream though, and I imagine that with school gearing up I will have more and more of them.

Late, but also I must note, not over dressed, and therefore I was the more adorable hallucination.

In the previous night's dream my second and fourth most common themes, being godlike at number two and schemes to become successful/rich were in full force. I am running a game of what appears to be Dungeons and Dragons meets "Doctor Who" with Russell T. Davies (who is the writer/producer that brought the show back in its current incarnation with Christopher Eccleston and left to more or less run the BBC when David Tennant left the show). Davies was playing the Doctor and 18 other people playing various companions (how I was managing to run a game with 19 people playing I have no idea, I honestly have a terrible time running a game with 7 people playing).

The dream shifts between the game we are illustrating, which plays out like an episode of "Doctor Who" normally would, with a horde of monsters that look like skinless gorillas mixed with the vampires from "I am Legend". These monsters having infested the TaRDiS and the Doctor calling in a horde of past companions to help clear the place out and to have a sort of get together afterword. Kind of a company BBQ meets Zombie Apocalypse. It was fun and scary actually, with the peril actually getting worse because Davies couldn't just MacGuffin his way out of the situation like he usually writes it.

The other part of the dream is me running the game itself talking to Davies about getting a job writing for the show with Stephen Moffit (he took over the show when the current Doctor, Matt Smith, came on). The whole thing takes place in a cliff side cafe/restaurant that I ate at in either Greece or Turkey on my recent study abroad expedition.

That is the bright shiny inside of the new Matt Smith TaRDiS.

This last dream I had a few months ago and I honestly think it would make for a pretty interesting movie as it is one of the dreams which has a very strong otherworldly plot, but I might just be saying that because it is one of my dreams in which I have superhuman/godlike abilities with theme number 2 again.

In it, I am a super human. I am also an agent for a shadowy organization. I and two of my friends (who are also agents, but totally fictional), and all three of our girlfriends (these are also fictional creations, I strangely did not populate the dream with people I know in real life), we have just been captured in some sort of internment camp for a group that wants to purify the human race. Since our girlfriends are Asian (yeah I found this a random thing too), which would make them targets of the ethnic cleansing, I feel that I should just use my superhuman abilities to get us out, regardless of this revelation to others. You know, blow my cover because it is totally necessary to save the day, it happens.

By the magic of a jump cut, leaving out the obligatory action scene, one of my friends, all three of the girls, and I have escaped. The other friend stayed behind to facilitate us getting out. While my escaped friend takes the girls to safety I am getting backup via payphone to the shadowy organization and heading back for a rescue, and you know, bust some ethnic cleansing heads, cause I'm the good guy and damned if I'm gonna let some domestic holocaust happen on my watch.

After calling into the shadowy agency requesting help my backup arrives in a flying car. Except it turns out it isn't back up, it is an android made to look exactly like me, sent to kill me and take my place, before finding and killing my friend and the girls who escaped. And then going back to the camp to finish off the last captive member of the group. And presumably deliver us all wrapped in a big bow to the big bad evil guy mastermind of it all.

I fight the android. After a gratuitous action sequence with punching and kicking through the surroundings I am starting to win so the android attempts to escape. It plans to just move me to the bottom of the hit list and come back with back up of its own. I at this moment do my hero thing, destroying the android by punching up through its abdomen, up through its chest and neck, grasping hold of its tongue from the inside, my finger tips breaking into the inside of its mouth, and then I rip its artificially alive guts out by his tongue through its belly.

I then get into the flying car and learn that the camp is part of the organization I work for, and that I need to rescue my friend. I formulate a plan to save my buddy, and then take the fight back to my former bosses. I theorized once that while strong and tough, I didn't know if I could be killed, I guess I may find out.

It is one of the most gruesome things I have ever done in a dream. Destroying an evil robot duplicate of myself and then jumping into a flying car to go save my secret agent friend from the enemy base and then battle those who sent the evil duplicate and flying car. It is awesome.

Robot double, like Faker here, only mine wasn't rendered useless by being bright blue.

So yeah, some dreams I've had. Since August has been a deluge of work and travel, and July was more work and travel I was not able to post many blogs at all, flying totally in the face of my original goal of constant over sea updates. To that end I will try to catch back up in September with another 30 day challenge, or maybe just posting a ton of pictures each day till my well runs dry. Either way, I feel the need to write more and in a non-academic way.

Maybe next time I'll get a fantastic local like this one, though Fantastic locals are rare in my dreams, I only remember two off hand.

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