Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Pictures from my First Trip to London pt.1

Okay, so for the first time I will start posting some of the pictures I took while studying abroad. These will mostly just be scene shots, those with people in them will be on Facebook for people to tag and enjoy. Since I was by myself for the first leg of my trip more will be over here than over there initially though.
This first picture is of the Tower of London Exterior, I have two shots that if edited together would give me the whole thing, but I don't have the patience for that sort of thing. This is the Roman who built the London Wall. People forget that London was part of Rome and has a history that really stretches back through the civilized world.
A close up of his breast plate.
The Wall itself.
And the information about the wall. Goody, education!
Above is all that remains of a centuries old Gate House to London from the East.
These are representations of some of the animals that used to be kept in the tower of London. Yes, it apparently had a zoo portion. Who knew? Or am I maybe just making things up? Did you go to London?
This is a memorial for the Navy, as you can read in the next picture.
Tomorrow I will put up some pics from inside the Tower of London and maybe some other stuff.

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