Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Meal at Alumni Village

I have done my first bit of cooking in my new place. Fun little fact, my oven is as tiny as the Kebler Elf's tree based model. Being so small it does not completely close when cooking, which means it took longer, made my apartment warmer, and really the damn thing just looks pathetic. Regardless Here is my first cooking attempt:

What does that aluminum Twinkie contain? What am I whipping up for myself? Well, let me tell you!

I took three top round steaks, totally a little over a pound of meat together, dry rubbed them in about a once of Ms. Dash seasoning, then I wrapped each steak in four strips of thick cut bacon (about 4oz of bacon per steak). Then I set each wrapped steak down on a bed of about 5 diced, baby portabella mushrooms each (that is 15 mushrooms in all). I then covered each of the wrapped and bedded steaks with about half of a sliced purple onion. What broth did I put in to keep the thing from drying out in a rush (as if beef blood, the bacon fat, and the vegetable moisture was not enough), I added almost an entire can of caffeine free Pepsi.

The whole thing is three sheets of foil, two on the bottom to keep from leaking (which did not work, have to clean the cookie sheet) and one on top to seal in the moisture. Here is what two thirds of the inside looked like:

And what I ended up eating:

Was it good? Yes, though I think that bacon needs to be cooked separately first from now on, then added as a wrap to foods before being re-cooked with it as it was really fatty. The Pepsi flavored the mushrooms, but nothing really else, and the Ms. Dash (used because it had actually fused together due to humidity, and I would otherwise had to have thrown it away) was kind of bland. Stronger Seasoning will be used in subsequent attempts.

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