Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Dream I Had

            Had a nap, and got one of the most awesome dreams I have ever had.

            I was dreaming that I was in a city of dreamers, populated by people who were in comas or just sleeping very deeply, but they moved through a city that was very strangely laid out; now that I sit here it was kind of reminiscent of a nearby district of Istanbul that I lived near when I was a Koc University.  It had a lot of open store front restaurants, but with a added things like a lot of neon lights and it was really ethnically diverse.

            I was sitting in a Thai or Chinese store front area eating with and talking to this really old man, he had been in a coma or something for a very long time and had aged in the dream city.  We were talking about how you could get a free commemorative cup from the restaurant if you asked them to serve you your drink (and this is hard to describe), if they would serve you your drink in the cup that was pictured behind the counter (like someone had taken a picture of the cup and had it framed and hung it up behind the counter), the server then reached into the frame and pulled out two commemorative cups for us.  Cause this was a dream.

            Now at some point I ended up having some kind of freak out, because sometimes when you are in a dream and you know you are dreaming your mind goes to the worst possible thing you can think of.  For some people it is being naked in public (which I never got, when I dream of being naked in public I mostly just go with it), for other people they start to remember bad things that happened to them, for me I just went full blown nightmare.  The old man said to me, "Careful, you're going to start lighting this place up".

            Then these things started to slowly appear as everything got really red, because the sky was raining blood (probably had something with me having just donated blood and it being on my mind).  The things that appeared were monsters and killers, and horrific things that lined the street shoulder to shoulder like they were waiting for a parade to go by.  Nothing was too out there, there were guys (covered in blood from the rain) wrapped in chains, others had sacks on their heads, other were covered in scars or tattoos.

            And they were all just comely standing out as the residents of the dream city just kept on about their lives, as if this happened all the time.  Kind of like the Dark World of "Silent Hill" when I think about it.

            And then the nightmare passed like a quick rain storm, the blood vanished, and I went back to exploring the dream city.  Later I went into a very pricy looking store that had very fancy escalators, and slides to get back down, but that is not as interesting.

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