Friday, May 11, 2012

Poem, "Tiny Dreams"

            I unbuttoned the top of my head the other day, like a cloth bag my scalp was flopped open and my thoughts and dreams were left to float around the room, or walk, slither, or even scurry as they saw fit.  The first that really pulled my eye were the moths made out of prism glass and crystal, rather than casting shadows of themselves in the light of the talking candle sticks, they instead cast rainbows.

            There were spiders, their bodies were old rotary phone cradles and they dragged the receiver behind them like a tail, the stretchy cord getting pulled long then the receiver jumping up and hitting the spider in the butt, spitting out the same message, "Your call could not be completed as dialed."

            There is a monkey, there always seems to be.  This one is purple, but since I don't like defining people by their race I have decided that this is a monkey who happens to be purple, rather than a purple monkey.  then again I don't know any stereotypes assigned to either monkeys or the color purple, so I don't think either thing was hurt by the association.

            A lizard playing chess with a ball of light while a ware-wolf, that is to say a wolf that stores and sells various wares, sits and watches while eating canned tuna.  It is the only board game I see and that disappoints me, I find chess boring.

            There is a palm reader, who has a book made our of skin taken from the palms of dead people.  Not very useful for telling the future of those who died, maybe the answers are written in the back of the book so she can evaluate and then check her work.  Maybe it is a menu.

            Soon my head is empty and I have shrunk down so that I am now the size of a doll, the dreams I have let loose to wander and explore like a village of building blocks, toys, and sadly only that one board game, maybe the chess board flips over and there is Chinese checkers underneath, at least then someone else could play.  Since I shrank I have to find new cloths, and maybe a hat to hide the fact that the top of my head is gone.

            I find a mish mash of wardrobe, I manage to buy on credit most of what I need from a man made out of gold and am walking around dressed in a manner reserved for magicians who perform exclusively in space stations.  To put it another way, a lot of silver.  Makes me think that the gold man might have stolen the cloths.

            So for a while I wandered my dreams as they made themselves at home in my living room, climbing the couch and watching television, strangely not noticing that watching TV made them melt, probably some subconscious social commentary in there.  You might wonder how I wrote this shrunk, or how I managed to get back to my normal size, I didn't, I just found a tiny computer that hook into my wi-fi, though the tiny computer appeared to be made out of melon skin.  So here I am, tiny and living with my dreams.

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