Friday, November 15, 2013

10 Haiku

In the House of Sin
Just off of Ohio Street
We were all quite safe

Not origami
The product of my hard work
Just crumpled paper

I want to go home
But I want to stay away
Take it day by day

The images swim
I close my eyes, white and black
ghosts of dreams unborn

I grew up I guess
She begged me to let her down
I did, but not hard

Between the Tree Rows
You can see the Horizon
Whether dark or day

How long will it last
Till April, May, June, or August
Today if lucky

I had just arrived
A world that just did not care
I was not surprised

Went through completely
Like a bullet, not a ghost
The hole she left hurt

You know what he is
Who?  You know who, Amsada
The Man in the Suit

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