Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Movie Series that Need More Entries, #1 "The Mask"

            I would like film studios to make more movies about "The Mask".  Each movie would star a different protagonist who encounters the mask and goes on an adventure.

            The beginning of each movie would show each character's personal plight, they are angry, put upon, down on their luck, repressed, or just somewhat cruel.  The mask then enters their life and causes their deep seated desires to rise to the surface, warping reality and making them act as murderers, heroes, sex maniacs, or whatever.

            At the end of the movie they either grow as a person, which causes the mask to pass to the next owner, having allowed the owner to have grown and changed for the experience, or the possessor dies a victim of the internal evils that the mask brought to the surface.  Sort of like "Silent Hill" but mobile, personal, and interacting with the real world rather than just the town itself.

            This would actually make it closer to the original comic in execution which was about the mask passing from owner to owner turning most into violent cartoonish monsters.

            Either way it would save a great deal on casting, would allow for varying levels of horror and comedy (like "Nightmare on Elm Street"), and grant the sort of creative freedom with limits that encourages good story telling.
Very Different Tones could be played.

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