Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Blog for all Time

I am closing in on 350 blog entries and I think I should set some kind of new goal, have at least one blog entry for each day of the year (which is going to be difficult to complete because another February 29th won't be around till 2020). It seems like another good arbitrary goal to shoot for, though it will take a while to accomplish.
If I wanted to get started this December, I would need 24 entries for the month (it already has 8 covered).  I could start in November, but that would be a hassle, though I guess this entry counts.  First thing first is an inventory.
I downloaded a series of “Print it Yourself” free Calendars and blocked out all the days that already have an entry in them for each month with the powerful image manipulating software… MS Paint.  So they looked like this:

Marvel at my ability to use the fill tool!
(This is where I got most of the original month images... I think)

Having now looked over the things and making visual guides to help, I have determined October and December are at the bottom having the fewest days covered with 23 and 24 open spaces respectively.
January, by virtue of being the month in which I typically do lots of movie reviews, and August, the month that this year I did a 31-day blogging challenge, both of those are completely covered.

So now with my upcoming free time for the holidays I will attempt to do another blog challenge for December and conquer the “hole-y-est” month of my calendar.  Or I will fail, and… nothing really lost.
What prompted me to do this?  Honestly, it was Facebook now having that “Memories” feature that allows you to look back at all your old posts on each date.  I figured I should shoot to be able to repost a blog from every day in the year going forward.  Because I am an ego maniac sometimes. 
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