Friday, February 17, 2017

Punching a Nazi?

            I am firmly in the camp of punching Nazis.

            If this idea is somehow offensive to you, I don’t care.  Once Someone’s worldview includes the systemic genocide of entire cultures you are "Hostis humani generis" and will not receive the protections of the social contract that you wish to destroy.

            What’s more, I am partial to extending this use of violence against people who don't consider genocide a deal breaker. If you are willing to vote or defend someone who wants to commit genocide just because it does not target you, you are guilty of conspiracy.

            There is no middle ground in this area for debate.  One side wants to exist, the other does not want them to exist.  There is no meeting in the middle when one side's stated position is, "wipe them out” just as there is no just compromise position between “everyone having equal protection under the law” and any position which takes away basic liberties.

            I do not oppose them for what they are but who they chose to be.  Because of the values they have taken on as their mission statement.  None of this should be tolerated, and should be opposed with proportionate violence.

            We did not win World War II with hugs.

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