Friday, March 4, 2011

3 Vivid Dreams I had Recently

            I have found that as I chronicle impactful dreams that the frequency of such things increase.  For instance, I had over a period of 7 days, 3 dreams that I consider to be really on the tip of my mind.  Considering that I shared the last two of such things in blog format, I'm going to do such again here and now.

            The first dream had me interacting with a family.  This family was nice, but they were aging at an accelerated rate, only to boomerang back down to a youthful age, this cycle kept repeating every so many days.  I ate diner with them and I eventually learned the cause of this.  One of the members of the family had this tremendous influence over time, but as she aged her mind wore down and she would wish herself and her family young again.  But since time doesn't liked to be fucked with it would pull them all back to their proper ages as quickly as it could, since the family member with the time shifting abilities had long since gone mad with senility, she would just tug them back down the age timeline every time they got to a point where she felt old.  There was no malice in her actions, she did it reflexively and everyone else couldn't convince her not to, so they just whipped back and forth from youth to old age every week, in their own little personal hell.  That was the sad dream.
            The next is really more uncomfortable than the last, not in a sad way, but more of an unnerving way.  I was in a massive city at night, trying to get back to somewhere through streets that were crowded and aglow with traffic and lights.  I was wandering in cabs, and on sidewalks and taking short cut after short cut because wherever it was that I was going it was urgent.  Each short cut made things more and more claustrophobic and a little bit darker, after a while the noise of the street had faded away and I was left in a dark tunnel where I was met by... Me.  This other me had a hooded sweatshirt and glowing red eyes, and that was where the dream ends.  Kind of an artsy film school dream, but it left me with a feeling of dread, so there you go.
It reminds me of the Hunter from "Left 4 Dead"

            The third and last of the impactful dreams involved me either being, or thinking I was the fictional character Adam Warlock, and I was in a motel that allowed me to see out its windows into alternate versions of Earth that had the same motel.  I think it was actually called Everywhere Motel.  While I was looking out the window into a particularly bleak world the Silver Surfer approached the window and knocked so I let him in.  He said nothing, but glared at me, and so I tried to throw him back out into the universe he came from, and instead ended up out in that world myself.  The dreams ends with me as myself, in this world while it is about to rain.  I wonder if I'm actually that superhero from another world incarnated in this bland super-less universe unable to return due to simply being over powered and stranded.  Probably not.
In Marvel he actually seeks out and fights injustice instead of just circle jerking in the status quo.

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