Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Movies I Haven't Seen

            I guess I can't trust movietickets.com for the time being.  They not only gave me the wrong time for the movie I was going to see, but the wrong times for the back up movie, and listed two films that weren't even advertised at the theater as being in show.  Seriously though, what the hell?

            Movie prime is "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon, who plays a prominent politician that thanks to an insanely intrusive and not at all below the board conspiracy group decided that his life in on rails to being president, and a woman he is interested in isn't part of that plan.  Sort of like "The Truman Show" but the bad guys seem more overtly sinister about the whole thing.  Looks good.
I want that hat.

            Beta movie is "Unknown" which has Liam Neeson playing "Taken" by way of "Bourne Identity".  The trailer makes it out that a doctor on holiday gets into a car accident and when he wakes up his life has been supplanted and his wife doesn't recognize him, another man has taken his place.  He then discovers he has spy training and that the imposter him is actually going to hurt a lot of people.  Here is my prediction for the movie's twist ending: Neeson is a spy who was possing as a doctor to carry out a mission, when he ended up in the hospital they called in his understudy spy to complete the mission, cause why let the cover/opportunity go to waste.  Faster than you can say "Total Recall" Neeson is now trying to stop the mission he was initially sent to carry out.  Boom.
Okay, yes, badass.  But if you glare all the time you'll get really bad worry lines around your eyes... Guess that is why this pic is so obviously photo shopped.

            The tertiary movies beyond that are "The Fighter" and "The Kings Speech".  And on that note, you know what I'm sick of?  Ubiquitous titles for movies, like "The Town" (Great Movie) or "The Fighter" (which I'm guessing is pretty good considering all the love it has been getting at award shows).  The gimmick is everywhere, and I don't think it is good at all, either the movie titles don't stick with the viewer, or it comes off as pretentious.  I'll tell you right now, "The Town" should have been called "Charlestown Heists" and "Inception" should have been called "Mind Heist: Inception" which has the added bonus of leaving the world open for sequels in the classic fashion, via a title with a colon (think "Harry Potter:" or "James Bond:" or "Star Wars:"; wide open for more stuff to be chapterized after it.
Okay, if your name is this dull and uninformative, then you at the very least should give me an interesting cover to look over.  To grumpy actors leaning on a rope in from of a black curtain... how evocative! *Bleh*

            But yeah, my original point.  Why aren't these movies listed at their correct times?  I'm guessing they are manually entered by someone, but wouldn't that be the same guy who is in the theater reading them off a list?  Did nobody give it a once over?  Lazy.
Now that's the trick.

Here is a video review from a guy I like to listen to but rarely agree with Moviebob Chipman
"The Fighter":
"The King's Speech":
And the Oscars:

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