Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go Play "Gamma World"

            For my very first Blogspot post I am going to talk about a game my friends and I have been playing for the last few months since its release: "Gamma World".

The latest edition of the game available from Wizards of the Coast
            "Gamma World" is a role playing game.  The players are either the central characters in a story, or the one who is telling the story and acting out the villain and monster characters.  The game uses dice and cards to resolve different decisions taken within the story: hard wiring computers, shooting at monsters, or tracking a biker gang.  However, the watch word of the game is humor.  The setting is a cross between "Boarderlands", "Fallout", "Mad Max", "Futurama", and "Doctor Who".  This is a game in which you can battle killer robots, pygmy aliens, or mutants of various stripes.  It is fun as hell.

Basically it is one step below this on the "Nerd Porn" scale of things
            The setting itself, while containing elements of each of the aforementioned sci-fi properties has its own origin, that in 2012 the Large Hadron Collider caused a large number of parallel realities, and alternate earths to be smashed together into one world.  So on one earth Humanity ended in an atomic war back in the 60's, on another planet humanity never exited and instead large humanoid bunny rabbits were the dominant species.  It allows the Guy running the story to throw whatever they want at the cast of characters and it be accepted and cool.
            In the last game, in which I am the story teller, the characters encountered a caravan of dog people who came from an alternate Earth which rock and roll was the dominant philosophy to life, they just wander the wasteland of Gamma World leading 'The Pack' a massive band of hippies and roadies, performing at all the remaining areas of civilization and gathering from the waste a massive collection of music from all the alternate Earths they can find.

Yeah, it is Kinda like that.  If you don't know this is a "Penny Arcade" comic, but really, if you have read this far, you know who these guys are and what they are all about.
            This encounter led me to envision an alternate world in which Rock and Roll was the dominant way of life for a world of humans who were at war with the demons from the cover of every single heavy metal album cover.  Meat Loaf was president, and that just before the 2012 disaster that merged the worlds together Meat Loaf had led a massive "Return of the King" style war against the hoards of hell while riding a flying motorcycle and the song "I would do Anything for Love" blaring over the battlefield as humans in stylized heavy metal war regalia clashed with a legion of demons in a Ragnarok of Rock... Then someone made a joke that if we made anymore references that we would create a singularity of nerd-ness and tear open reality.  Cause who needs the Hadron Collider when you have pure nerd imagination?

I vote him into office if he promised to kill whatever that is.

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