Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Bioshock Infinite" Go Ahead and Spoil It

            I bought "Bioshock" the week it came out.  I was not into internet culture like I am now.  No blog, Facebook was more of a stylized email account rather than my primary news source, so I really did not feel the huge wave of good reviews like I do now bearing down on me like a bunch of very encouraging wolves, "You-oooooh, sorry, saw the full moon there.  Meant to say, you should totally pick up "Bioshock: Infinite" it is really good."

            Then they bite me and I have to eat wolfsbane before the next full moon or be transformed into a beast.  All of that aside I really wish I had the sort of income that made buying and playing games at the 60$ price mark more feasible, rather than waiting for Target to slash prices to snap things up, or the Steam summer sale fast approaching.

            I love the original "Bioshock", it having taken me several months to finish, though the first 6 hours went pretty well.  And I did not get spoilers the way I have managed to get them for other game series I like (Mass Effect 3 has been 90% spoiled for me)... But I wonder if I should care.  I often find that watching a review of something beforehand allows me to better appreciate what is coming, and look for the clues, (to use a movie example, "The 6th Sense" was spoiled for me, for no good reason, just some guy talking loudly about it in a room... To me with the intent of spoiling it.  Point is, that allowed me to see the movie from another angle, and did add to the experience, it was just one that was less emotional, and instead more technical).

            I wonder if that sort of thing will happen for me in the case of "Infinite".  Can I read the material, take part in the discussion but not play the game till it hits the $30 mark?

            I think I am going to just have to try.

I still do blame my liking of this game more on the images and art style than the mechanics.  This Big Daddy remains one of the coolest boss designs in gaming, fit to stand next to Pyramid Head, the Colossi, or the Tripods.

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