Monday, April 22, 2013

Food Journal Presentation, P-90x Approaching

I am compiling the first 4 weeks of my food journal.  I would hope to enter some of this into a simple chart to show how I have held steady.  But at the same time I feel the need to trim off the outliers, but a trim would only be 3 entries off the top and bottom of the curve, and since I have no "pie eating contest" event, or "got lost in the woods and was found the next morning" the high and low will mostly just consist of whether I ate more oatmeal or Hershey's kisses.

Maybe I should hold out on this charting until I can look at bigger charts just before I start P-90x mid-May.
Currently I have this monthly average of:
Calories per day: 2,741
Grams of Saturated fat: 40g
Grams of Protein: 91.3g
Grams of Fiber: 23g

Regardless of my current ability to present the information I will be thinking about it soon  I will be doing the P-90x workout program, which is actually a wild departure from my usual work out of lifting heavy things at a modest speed for a reasonable period of time.  To that end I plan to make this a daily update, with food, workout, and occasionally picture (Day 0, Day 10, Day 20, all the way up to Day-90).  I want to get healthier during the summer while I am moving into a new matter of study, and this seems like the thing that will keep me on target.  I will have daily self assessment on this thing talking about salad toppings and brown rice.  And then a bit of discussion about my research.  Then talk about lifting things.

I had two goals in regards to my own personal bettering this year.  I do this every year in regards to writing and not being fat.  I do not ever want to be fat anymore.  That is an easy goal.  But I want to do more.  I have never had a six pack... so my goal this year is to try to do that.  My other goal was to write more, both personally and into this blog.  I am hoping that I have more than 200 entries on this thing.  P90-x would crush that if I ended up doing daily writing.  I hope this gets me into gear to write a thesis in this year's third act.  I need practice, and this gathering of information and following this routine should make this a lot more doable in the long run.

I have some goals.  Here's to hoping they don't end in a tremendous waste of time and money so I end up managing nothing but my own intake of medication following my hysterical mental breakdown.

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