Monday, September 9, 2013

Poem, "9th Street"

"9th Street"

8          9th is the first street off the coast
8          where the Greedy recruit raw meet
8          and then the raw meat becomes roast.

7          Money changes hands swiftly
7          one hears a deal they snap on
7          others hear differently
7          and somewhat inconsistent
7          a penny or dime was here
7          and now missing wear, go bare
7          a hundred times a minute.

8          That crate?  Does it have Nine Bottles?
8          Isn't it supposed to be 10?
6          One was cracked in shipment
6          nothing else could we do
7          so we gave it to the crew.
7          A refund to the buyer,
7          To whom we almost sold short
7          What is next to do in port?

8          Unloading barrels of liquor.
8          And spirits, but also quicker
8          some other solid goods: hardtack,
8          salted pork, and pickled fatback.

9          Sign there, then here, then lets grab a beer
9          leave this paper with my friend named Greer.
9          He will make sure your numbers are clear.
9          He'll seal it, mark it, make it secure.
9          Checked for rightly flecked inking stealthy
9          the spots that will make us all wealthy.
9          While we do drink ourselves unhealthy

9          Untouched in banks hard work does mature


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