Saturday, September 14, 2013

Goodwill Book Shopping

            While I sit here hiccupping I shall relate a random incident that happened to me recently that I hope does have some entertainment value.

            I was at a Goodwill looking for old copies of books the add to the pile of books I have to read but have not knuckled under and read making my room look more fit for a very literate serial killer.

            All that said, I did find a trio of books I though to buy.  They are fantasy novels from the early 90's based in the Dungeons and Dragons world of "Dark Sun".  This was a desert wasteland setting, probably meant to feed of the nerds who recently discovered Post Apocalypse fiction thanks to "Road Warrior" and "Beyond Thunderdome".  TSR, the makers of Dungeons and Dragons mostly did their own thing creatively but they also knew a fun image of imbeciles going through the desert searching for power has an appeal to disaffected youth (as the zombie genre has been doing to diminishing effect for a decade now), TSR mostly just added dinosaurs and bug people.

This is the first of the three I bought.  What I am amazed by is that this novel is still in print.
            Anyway, I had the three books and was in line and I looked over to the VHS display they had next to the front door, a young woman was flipping through them and pulled up an erotic yoga tape and then held it up for me to see.  This was weird and random, so I glanced behind me and saw the guy she was trying to motion to and said, "I think I intercepted something," and pointed her out to him.

            At this point she is mortified because she has been trying to goofy flirt with her husband (the guy I made pay attention) but had mostly been accidently hitting on me.  "Don't be embarrassed, it is funny, the sort of random thing you laugh about later."  As she turns crimson.

            I believe people need to remember that other individuals can see what is going on.  You're not online or anything and thus it won't get you sent to a gulag or fired, but it is awkward to do stuff like that with so many people in the direct line of delivery.

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