Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Letter to John Green

            I had a dream with you in it.  And I understand how terrifying and unpleasant most letters from fans must be when they start with those words so I will assure you this isn't one of those.

            In the dream we were having dinner at what I think was a burger diner.  I did most of the talking as you seemed rather distracted, might even say you looked the sort of person who is being rendered uncomfortable by the necessity of being polite.  I talked to you about being a fan of crashcourse and how when I was in high school and undergrad I had wanted to write biographies for use in middle and high school social studies programs but for one reason or another I never managed to parlay that drive into results.

            I told you how I admired you and other people on youtube that have managed to put out more and more engaging educational material, and you told me that you liked what you were doing and offered a bit of encouragement, and then you got up to leave because you wife was there to pick you up.  Since I have no idea what she looks like she did not appear in this dream (though I gather she looks less pregnant than she had before so congratulations on that).

            So as soon as you left the table and were out the door, I got the check.

            I don't know why I thought you would be interested in hearing about a dream in which a guy compliments you and then you stick him with a bill.  Maybe a laugh?  Maybe you are making the face from the dream, uncomfortable by the necessity of politeness' demands.  Either way.

            I also find it strange that I have been getting Mental_Floss the magazine for years and only a few months ago subscribed to the youtube channel... and then never watched a video, only finding out that you hosted the thing via a mention in the crashcourse hot dog eating contest video... Life is funny.

            I will soon be entering into grad school for the last time that I can foresee.  Finishing out one Masters and more than likely the second... Don't really know where I am going with this sentence.  But, whatever.

            Please continue to make things I like.  In exchange I will continue to enjoy them.  That is the only trade I am prepared to offer.

Hope you are well,


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