Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sleeping Medication

            (I wrote this when I first started taking Ambien to help with my lifelong inability to fall asleep in a timely and restful manner, it most definitely changed my life for the better and if you have problems falling asleep go get medication.  Sleep is one of the most important things in your life to finding happiness, productivity, and is itself one of life's great pleasures.  That being said, taking a new drug, even one that is considered kind of 'meh' as far as side effects are concerned I was caught in between a pill helping me want to go to sleep and my natural mindset which vastly prefers sleeping from 4am to noon.  So things got surreal.)
            You want an experience?  Take sleeping pills as prescribed.

            I doubt that this is what stoners think of as "High".  If I had to describe the loopy and sticky world my mind takes affection to manipulating that I would call it "In".  Not "High".  Just "In".

            Your dreams start to appear in flashes around you but the real issue is that your keyboard buttons start to feel like soap, then like scrabble tiles without the charm of once being living wood.

            Vision goes too.  Images goo together then the halos of light that everyone seems the see and doesn't see fit to mention.  Like each person is half of Jacob's Ladder that needs someone to share the coiling (sometimes almost fiery) electrical field that appears between them.  An energy unknown, unseen, and undiscussed.

            When you take sleep medication you are outside your mind, but starting to dream... Just know that when you do decide to go back in, be careful of what follows you back in, those things will follow you the rest of the night. 

            Things with painted faces that speak in clicks.

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