Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 18

            I decided to do the 30 day movie challenge as a blog series as it ties into my blog activities rather easily and I am once again not blogging my usual series with regularity in spite of saying that I would.
            Today is "A Movie that I saw in the Theater".  Let's be honest here, I've seen a shit ton of movies in the theater, 2009 was an especially movie heavy time where I saw one every other week it seemed.  And while track record is hardly impressive when compared to actual professional film critics it is still a plethora to choose from.  So I went with the one that stood out to me the most as far as it being a sort of funny story.  What movie inspired me to laughter?  "The Patriot".

Notice that no where on the box does it read, "From the director of '2012'".

            Okay, the patriot stars a large cast of actors all of which good in the roles they occupy, it has a lot of dramatic moments in slow mo, a lot of cool action, and a big "Hell Yes AMERICA" toward the end which was really fun.  Watch it if you haven't seen it and enjoy a work of schlocky American Historical fiction.

It is occasionally cheesy, but that just makes the awesome parts nacho flavored.

            When I first saw this in theaters I was with my father and brother, it wasn't a theater over run with people and you could hear people if they chattered gasped or laughed, a good theater experience, for us.

            Thing was Seth and I were not prepared for some of the over the top moments of violence that happens in the movie and with us, sometimes things come full circle.  Gory violence in a shitty movie is just boring and stupid, like a child picking its nose for attention, it is gross and you can obviously tell it is shameful behavior.  Gory violence in a movie that has a tone of dread and is correctly executed can fill an audience with a sense of terror or suspense, they fear that more violence will be done on a horrific scale.  Then there is a movie like "The Patriot" which combines action with drama and a sort of comedy, and really when you throw a berserker rage into the mix at the wrong time, and Mel Gibson hacks a guy to death and howls like a loon, sometimes you get what happened.

He looks so even keel.

            Seth and I laughed our asses off.  It was hysterical how over the top the scene was and we couldn't help ourselves, everyone else in the theater was aghast at the violence, and looked at us like we were crazy idiots, and Dad like he was raising two crazy idiots, and considering the resemblance its not like he could deny us, there was his DNA laughing at a manbeing murdered in a shallow pool by Max Mad circa 1776.

Also, the Joker.

            Really it is an underwhelming story of children embarrassing a parent, but it made the movie stick with me for longer than it otherwise might have and I saw it a couple more times since then.  Sadly all I have seen of it in recent times is the edited version on TBS, where most of the blood is chromed brown so it looks like everyone either got into a mud pie war, or in the scene just mentioned, it look like the British soldiers are made of pudding.

And Voldemort's second banana.

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