Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Movies of 2013, Crime, pt1

            Really these are more buddy cop movies that revolve around organized crime and corruption, and they go about it in very different ways.

2 Guns, or "Male buddy cop movie number WHO KNOWS ANYMORE"
Overall: 5/10
Also, continues the god awful trend of advertising the stars, rather than the movie.
Though that is all this film has going for it.
            This was a mediocre film at best.  While Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington are great acting against each other and there is a good amount of violence, boobs, and interesting set pieces (I really like the masks they use when robbing a bank), the fact is that the intrigue is not all that intriguing, and the bad guys don't have a very good plan.  Backstabbing too quickly, leaving behind obvious clues, or just not being ruthless enough.
            One of the real lead weights on the movie casting wise is Bill Paxton as a southern CIA agent.  For whatever reason the few scenes he plays off of a stronger actor he just does not keep pace.  Denzel Washington takes Bill to school when it comes to playing the "I am way too cool with the situation at hand", and when he goes against Edward James "I could give a fuck" Olmos Paxton seems like an out of place SNL character.

The Heat, or "Female buddy cop movie number... well, number one, I guess"
Overall: 5/10

This poster is a lot more action packed than this movie.
            This may shock people to hear, but this movie really is not that funny or amazing, people just give it more credit because women are in the lead roles.  Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd made pretty much this exact same movie in the 80's, it was called "Dragnet".
            All that being said it is a perfectly workable script with plenty of laugh out loud scenes and surprisingly effective tiny bits of action (I don't know why there was not more action in this, it could have used it, often building up to an anti-climax... which I guess is a joke in and of itself.)  It also seems to be taking a lot from "21 Jump Street" including the last action joke of the movie.  Actually this movie could easily take place in the same universe as "21 Jump Street" or "The Other Guys" (a movie I recommend over this one by the way) but it would lose out in the comparison.  If this script were acted out by two guys it would be as forgettable as "2 Guns".
            Sandra Bullock is fine, I am sure compared to "Gravity" this movie will not have the biggest impact on her life this year (though I guess this movie is likely for sequels...)  And Melissa McCarthy is funny by being loud and rude, just like she always is.  It is fine.

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