Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 Quick Movie Reviews

            This is about 5 movies I saw this past weekend and some brief reviews.
            Watch these movies.

Red Box Titles
            "Kubo and the Two Strings" is good, just like everything Studio Laika has produced.  Certainly, the prettiest of their movies as the technology they are using is hitting fascinating new levels of detail and movement.
            To me it is not as good as their last film, “The Box Trolls” but like all their other stuff it does have a core theme which gives it good bones.  The movie is sub-textually about degenerative mental conditions, as many people suffer from memory issues and it is tied into the story well.  Telling stories keeps memories alive.
             Strangely, the idea of a kid playing guitar to battle evil spirits reminded me of “The Pick of Destiny” and I keep picturing Jack Black saying many of Kubo’s more grandiose lines.

            "Hell or High Water" is good, it is a straight up crime movie, while it does have stuff to say about modern America and banks, it does so thru clever dialogue without any bullshit nihilistic philosophizing.  I kept comparing it to others in what I consider a modern genre, “Poor Rural Noir”.
            Along with films like “Green Room”, “No Country for Old Men”, “Winter’s Bone”, and TV shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Sons of Anarchy” this genre portrays poor and rural crime activity with depth and high production value to make very straight forward stories about people with little/nothing, who stand to lose even more or stand to gain too much to pass up, predicated on their committing criminal offenses or navigating a criminal underworld.

Theater Titles
            "Lego Batman" is good, I appreciate the love they showed the character of Robin who has been all but forgotten in the Bat-franchise for 2 decades.  Certain jokes and references to the Batman mythos resonated with me more than others and I appreciated the ever-ramping threat leading up to the climax in which enough resources have been marshalled to turn the tide completely on the villains.
            There is a strong central character arc for Batman.  That is right, the main character grows and changes as a result of the story, how novel.

            "Get Out" is good, when I talk about how I want more minority characters in movies because I want to see a fresh perspective on something this is exactly what I am talking about.  I am a white guy, but even I get tired of seeing white guys overcome adversity and get the girl.  I have empathy, I can learn via narrative about social difficulties facing other people.  Do more of that.
            I do have one complaint in that the trailer gives a lot away.  If I had to find another complaint, I think some things got left on the cutting room floor, a prop shows up at one point and I am unsure if it was supposed to have been set up earlier.

            "Logan" is good, SAD! SUPER SAD! That Johnny Cash rendition of "Hurt" they keep playing over the trailer might be the single most thematically appropriate song to a movie ever.
            I made a quasi-prediction about what the movie was going to be about when “Logan” was first announced and I was somewhat right.  But, the movie did so much more and did what I thought it was about so well that it crushed my expectations.
            Maybe it felt a little long, but that probably had something to do with the 3-year-old that was sitting behind me talking whenever there wasn’t a scene of Logan cutting peoples’ faces off and that kept taking me out of it.  Kid, if you are going to talk, talk during the action scenes and listen during the dialogue scenes, there isn’t going to be and exposition during the action, good time to ask your dad to clarify what is happening.  ALSO, parents, don’t take your kids to see this movie, it is violent and sweary as fuck.  Maybe a mature 10-year-old would be able to handle it, MAYBE.

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