Friday, March 10, 2017

President Trump's Golf Handicap

            Currently President Trump has taken 4 vacations at his golf resort Mar a Lago in 6 weeks of being President.  I saw one of my friends ask the question, “What is the big deal about Golf?  Why are people so hung up on him playing golf?”  Here is my attempt to answer that question.

Remember, this guy regularly calls women too unattractive to sexually harass.
             Golf has classiest connotations. Country Clubs are expensive to belong to and often exclusive, they are seen as part of the have’s/have-not’s conflict.  But there are other elements that are specifically about President Trump.

            I understand the expense of security for the first family is a priority and it makes sense that a traditionally wealthy person would live in and travel to expensive places.

            The issue comes when you look at how much money is being spent and how quickly. President Trump has spent in a month what Obama spent in a typical year. And one of President (then citizen) Trump's most frequent complaints leveled at citizen (then President) Obama was the numerous vacations and expenses that then President Obama was supposedly accumulating. It is a combination of wasteful spending and naked hypocrisy that has made it come to the surface now.

             Beyond that, President Trump is having many of these activities at his own resorts as a way of advertising them and a way to bill the US government for his own security. He is making money by spending tax payer money. Which is as unethical as any elected official could be expected to get away with.  Because for some reason, people are okay with President Trump using his office to make lots of money, by golfing.
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