Monday, March 13, 2017

My thoughts on "Freddy vs Jason"

            I didn’t really care for the movie of “Freddy vs Jason”, but I will admit that there was something to it that gave the confrontation some value beyond the silly mashup of horror characters.

            Here is a basic rundown of several story elements that allow these characters to work on the level of thematic-pairing, and these two pair pretty well together.
1)     Jason was drowned, Freddy was burned.
2)     Jason was a child, Freddy murdered children.
3)     The First Jason movie has his mother as the actual villain, the reason Freddy was killing kids was because of the vigilante justice of the mother and other parents.
4)     Jason is a dumb, lumbering, silent, physical threat. Fred is an insidious, spry, motor mouth, ethereal threat.

            Generally speaking this pairing, along with the blue and red color schemes that are emphasized in the movie, form a good contrast between the characters and I think this elevates the material a bit.  But, the film is dragged down by the presence of the victim kids.  These are the typical teenagers with thin personalities that you can’t really bring yourself to actually care about let alone cheer for.  You need people around for the story to happen to, or at, but these characters are not especially heroic and when you have two big bad monsters you need something a little more impactful.  How could this have been fixed?  Do what they did with the story in the comics.
            I liked the comic in which they added Ash from “Army of Darkness”.  When a hero character is thrown into the mix it gives the story a real protagonist to root for instead of the bland children.  Beyond that the stakes grew considerably, Freddy saw and appreciated the power present in the Book of the Dead and wanted to utilize it for his own ends.  A dream monster steering an indestructible zombie man to kill a time traveling hero to retrieve a mystical artifact.  That is a story with some meat on it.

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