Saturday, May 28, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 13

            I decided to do the 30 day movie challenge as a blog series as it ties into my blog activities rather easily and I am once again not blogging my usual series with regularity in spite of saying that I would.
            Today is "A Movie from an actress I Hate".  And I actually talked about this briefly a long while back when I did my worst movies of the year for 2003.  "Final Destination 2" was #7, and Ali Larter won my personal award for worst actor of that year.  My alternative title for this movies is 'One cool massive opening sequence on a freeway followed by nonsense and stupidity'.

In glorious low quality.
            Some of the deaths are cool, and if I gave two shits about any of the characters I might care, but I don't.  A majority of the set pieces amount to nothing and overall the reason for this movie makes no sense, the plot is: these characters should have all died, but didn't because of the inadvertent actions of the last movies protagonists, the car crash at the start of the movie was death balancing his paperwork I guess, but it failed because just like the last movie there was a psychic vision by the central protagonist.

Okay, so there will be a guy with fake arms, a box of fake arms, and she'll get freak out and then the elevator will cut her head off.  That is so much simpler and more elegant that her just having an undiagnosed heart condition and passing peacefully in her sleep.  Cause I'm fucking death that's why!
            Here is a question: "Where does the initial psychic vision come from that starts these movies?"  Whatever?  Really, that's the explanation we are given?  No explanation.  Alright.  Another point this movie goes out of its way to make is that suicide is impossible, death won't let the characters cheat him again, but in order to escape they require a near death experience followed by being resuscitated.  Here is another question based from the logic that these characters can't kill themselves but need to clinically die in order to escape: "How in the world then, can the cycle be broken?"  If you can't kill yourself, and you need to die in order to be brought back, under what circumstances can that happen, all of the deaths are decapitations, being cut into sections, or explosion, there are no instances of a character being killed in a fashion that would give them a way of coming back so happy endings are imposs... Oh wait the movie is over the protagonist is fine.  Fucking stupid premise.

Fake out ending!
            As for wining worst actress award, Ali Larter is the only member of the original cast of "Final Destination" to return.  She does nothing, shows up late in the movie, she set front and the center of the DVD cover because of... fuck if I know.  Oh, and she dies unremarkably toward the end of the film in another bullshit fake out plot.  She is normally a bad actress, in this she is radiantly bad, obscuring the lackluster performances of others in the cast.

Sadly, the tagline proved true as this franchise continues even after Ali's death.
            But what has she done aside from this?  How can I hate a woman who only real contribution to film has been in the "Final Destination" series and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"?  It's because she ruined the television show "Heroes".  She was the second worst actress on that show, and was married to the worst actor on the show, they were a mini sitcom of suck!  And they dragged the whole thing down.  Even killing her character she was replaced by a clone, who was poorly written and poorly acted, and they implied the existence of more clones... Which I'll never see cause I jumped ship from that meteor strike in progress before I had to watch anymore of her crap.

She is not good enough at acting to be in as many high profile things as she is.

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