Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 6

            I decided to do the 30 day movie challenge as a blog series as it ties into my blog activities rather easily and I am once again not blogging my usual series with regularity in spite of saying that I would.

            Today is "A Movie that reminds me of Somewhere", and I'll be honest, this one didn't hit as much of a cord as the previous entries in this series, yeah I got a pick but the accompanying information is a little slim and mostly serves to illustrate either how geeky I was or how poor I was growing up.  The movie that reminds me of a place is "The Hobbit" animated movie, and it reminds me of the North Port public library.
The start of this particular movie.

            Coincidentally one of my favorite net comedians Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler reviewed recently "The Lords of Magik" a shoe string budget movie he first found in his library growing up, and he considers it to be crap on toast, but I remember my low budget movie rentals more fondly.  I knew of "The Hobbit" as an animated movie long before I knew about the book and long before I had moved into caring about Fantasy seriously.  This was when I was 7-10, a little bit before Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons would come to dominate my imagination.
Go watch his review of "Lords of Magik" it is a funny little commentary.

            The North Port library allowed me to rent and rerent this and other animated fair again and again, which I did.  I loved this movie and I liked the library to a lesser extent (it was a place that was really a means to an end).

            I currently own "The Hobbit" on DVD and along with other DVD's in my brother's collection, and our Netflix subscription, and the internet in general, I no longer need to rent a worn out video tape of an animated adaptation of what became one of my favorite books.  Christ that last sentence reads like a spaz.

            What is more, I love the fact that movies and media have become so easy to access.  I have a huge personal library, and while I have donated dozens, if not more than a hundred books to libraries and book drives I don't really go to libraries anymore, when I do I feel detached from them.  hell the last time I read a book I rented from the library it must have been more than 5 years ago with "Good Omens" (good book by the way).
Good Book, if they ever make a movie or television adaptation they need to get Fry and Laurie to play Aziraphale and Crowley respectively.  And maybe David Tennant as Newton Pulsifer.  I cast this book another time...

            Like I said, this topic didn't really ring my bell, which is why this short blog is all over the place, so I guess I am left with the message of, "support your local library... Or don't... Whatever."  And a tertiary, I can recommend "The Hobbit" as a good fantasy movie for kids, though I'll admit I didn't get parts when I was a child, so it is possible rewatching might be needed.  Or better yet, this adaptation will soon be eclipsed forever by Peter Jackson's adaptation which will be shot using the absolute latest in film technology, so "The Hobbit" animated will become only a camp bit of trivia, like Leonard Nemoy singing about Frodo.
MY mother used to sign my brother and I up for summer work shops there as well, to watch movies and learn to draw or see animals, there are a lot of memories through these doors, much has been washed away by numerous needed remodels.

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