Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 3

            I decided to do the 30 day movie challenge as a blog series as it ties into my blog activities rather easily and I am once again not blogging my usual series with regularity in spite of saying that I would.
            Day 3 is "A Movie that makes me Happy".  And while my brother will probably be unsurprised by this, most other people will look at me and say, "Really... (hissing noise as people draw in breath through there teeth in a moment of digestion)... Really?"  The movie is "Wayne's World".
Another Song you have heard before, though probably only a few times.

            Okay, the movie has a pretty odd plot.  Two losers get conned out of a TV show by Rob Lowe, while trying to get a girlfriend of one of them a record deal, there are about 40 cameos and a lot of very strange characters floating around with a few musical numbers, it's like a very unambitious "Blues Brothers".  Let me try to list the good and the bad.
How many views do I need as a blog before I can start getting paid for product placement?
The Good
            1) There is a soft fourth wall allowing Wayne to talk to the audience, and at one point the audience nearly walks off and he has to charm them back, other movies have done this, "High Fidelity" being the first one that comes to my mind, and I have always liked the effect, it helps with immersion, you feel like you are more a part of the story and more invested in what happens, most of ten this concept is used as just a camera trick, like on the show "E.R." in which the camera would move around a trauma patient in a flowing eye level swing around the room, like a nurse would see.  "Wayne's World" takes it one step further in which occasionally other characters will also acknowledge the camera, which means this isn't an imaginary friend, like everyone must suspect of Malcolm in "Malcolm in the Middle".
All one of them needs to do is look into the camera and say "Woah!?"

            2) Music is fun.  This movie loves rock and roll and it is the core of both the story and the setting.  It's not like the world is out to destroy rock and roll, or that they are rebels that need to fight back against the man as would be the case with... well I guess "Dirty Dancing", but it also isn't about rock and roll like "Almost Famous", there is good music in the movie and it gives a lot of character and substance to the characters, these are guys who play instruments, go to concerts, sing along with the music.  These guys, while not successful, do stuff with themselves, and what that stuff is, is their passion.  These are characters you root for because they are good guys who follow their dreams even if it means having to live at home... I can sadly identify with that.
I myself could do cable access, or its modern equivalent: bliptv.

            3) Goofy, not stupid.  There is a lot going on in this movie as far as characters that are shown just enough to establish that they are bat shit insane but still work within the context of the movie.  Is it strange that Garth built a stun gun that he keeps on a belt in his trunk hooked up to a battery big enough to run a car?  Yes.  Does that feel out of place when he uses to put a bully in its place and then returns to the party?  Nope.  Is it strange that Garth has to bash a crawling robot hand with a hammer in front of Rob Lowe who is trying to convince Garth to turn evil?  Yes.  Is it out of place?  Well, technically yes because this is part of a deleted subplot, but even in that case it just comes off as strange but not out of place.  None of this is just there to be there it is like a "Katamari Damacy" ball of well timed jokes.
Though this game didn't have the line, "Why is it when a man kills in the heat of battle its called heroism, but when it is done in the heat of passion, it's murder?"  So I guess the ball is in their court.

The Bad
            ?) that is the thing, I don't really have anything to criticize in this film.  It makes me happy.  My biggest complaint is that this wasn't a television show that I could have more to watch and like.  This could have been more than just a sketch on SNL, and this movie showed how it could have been more.  "Wayne's World" (and in my opinion the sequel) were the last good SNL movies, and I really liked them.  So yeah, my critique is that this world which seems to revolve around lovable losers and classic rock is effectively dead and fossilized.
I would trust this man to attract regular viewers.

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