Sunday, May 22, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 7

            I decided to do the 30 day movie challenge as a blog series as it ties into my blog activities rather easily and I am once again not blogging my usual series with regularity in spite of saying that I would.
            Today is "A Movie that reminds me of an Event", and I'm using event in the thinnest of senses.  In undergrad I was a member of the Anime Club of Florida Gulf Coast University.  Occasionally we watched movies that were not Anime, but were related to the Anime culture in general, this film was one of those, "Train Man".

If you would like to buy this.

            The film follows an Otaku (basically Japanese for 'Nerd', though without all the positive connotations) as he encounters a woman getting harassed on a subway, and in the most pussy fashion possible asks the harassing drunk guy to stop.  Since he is the only guy to do so, he gets an easy in to ask out the girl he stood up for.
            What follows is the most pathetic series of romantic developments ever on film.  The guy cries in the rain when he finally admits to loving the woman, as a last ditch effort to keep her from leaving the sad nerd in the dust as she is so out of his social class it is painful to watch.

For those of you not getting the joke, he is on a date with the pillow he is sitting next to.

            What event does this movie remind me of?  You are probably going to say, "No guessing here, You totally hit on girls that are out of his league and have to sobbingly beg for their affections?"  Regardless of the validity of that statement... *Ahem*...  The event this movie is tied to is my talking over movies.

I've been there.
            I yelled at this movie.  Yelled among the half dozen fellow watchers at the character like a loon.  "For the love of god man, you are past the awkward pickup, just don't fumble it!"  "GOD!  STOP CRYING YOU PUSSY!"  "Really?  Getting advice online?  Hope you aren't going to 4chan.  You'll just end up with a bunch of gifs of pedo bear attacking that pink haired Icelandic woman who looks like a child."  And so on.

HA!  the 24th image to appear for the search of "Pedo Bear".  I know the internet... How sad am I?
            See I have come to discover something that I rather love, "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and in spite of not knowing it existed, this movie allowed me to imitate it to a good level of laughter and entertainment of those around me.  In a small way this event, now that I really review it, helped contribute to what makes me insufferable at any club activity that involves watching movies as a group.  Which is why I like watching movies with my brother Seth so much, he is willing to let me stop the movie so that we can actually discuss all of the jokes and complaints we had with it up to that point.  FYI, "Twilight" was only barely watchable with this going on and we still stopped it every 12 minutes for a brief recuperation and venting session.

The guys from "MST:3000" making fun of "Twilight" cause I like them and want to advertise for them some.
            "Train Man" opened my eyes to the entertainment value of shitting on other people's hard produced work.  Incidentally the movie is alright, nothing special, 3 out of 5.  Maybe I should record a riff trax of this movie to youtube so people could listen in.  I need to get a riff crew together.  This is a goal, along with vlogs and my Masters degree.  Admittedly some goals are better than others.

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