Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dungeons and Dragons, "Random Poetry Interlude"

Standard Introduction
            I have been writing about Dungeons and Dragons semi-regularly this year and in the course of writing those I found a 30-day blog challenge.  As I have done those a couple times before it seemed remiss not to jump on this one.
            If you want here is a link to my 30-day challenge on Disney Movies, here is a link to my 30-day challenge on Video Games, and here is a comically out of date 30-day challenge on Movies (it is old and the writing is rubbish).

Day 29- Best Player Experience
            Gotta be honest, I could not think of one.  I am not much of a player and I prefer being the guy running the game.  I am more about Puzzles, Monsters, and NPC’s then I am about PC’s.

Filler: A Poem
            I occasionally take poems off the Poetry Foundation and rewrite them.  I am a multi-dimensional nerd in that regard.  So here is a link to the original poem, “Evening Hawk” while below is my re-do of that poem.
            And yes, I am reworking the poetry of the United States’ first Poet Laureate.  Because I have an ego?  I guess?  Or maybe it is just that it popped up while I was researching poems about the end of the world.

Rising Owl
From plane of light to pane of glass,
Out of the peak’s black angularity of shadow,
Wings dipping thru geometries

Riding the last tumultuous avalanche of light
The light above pines and the guttural gorge
The gorge filled with orchids that the sun built

The Owl comes.

Its wings scythe down another day,
The motion that of the honed steel-edge,
Hear the crash less fall of stalks of Time.
Heavy with the gold of our error
Each stalk head falls.

It is climbing the last light
Who knows neither Time nor error,
Under whose eye, unforgiving,
The world, unforgiven,
Swings into shadow.

Long now,
The last thrush is still,
The last bat cruises now
In sharp hieroglyphics.

The star is glimmering and green,
Its wisdom is ancient and immense.
Over the mountain.

If there were no wind we might,
We think,
Hear the earth grind on its axis,
Or history,
Drip in darkness like broken flesh.

Coming Tomorrow
            Tomorrow I am going to talk about my best experience running a game.
            Tomorrow’s entry will actually be about Dungeons and Dragons rather than another random poetry interlude.  It will also be the last “real” entry in the 30-day challenge, day 31 is just a rundown of the whole thing.


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